Securing The Future - A Measure For Higher Institution Students- Via|9jaflint

Securing The Future - A Measure For Higher Institution Students- Via|9jaflint

 Corona Virus, the nightmare that has put the whole world on a stand still, humbled world leaders and put medical institution and its staffers in a critical juncture.

 This pandemic has affected every ramifications of human lives be it Sporting, Education, Religion, Manufactuering, Traveling, Tourism & Entertainment etc in an Impasse.

  One major effects of this pandemic is seen in the Economy. Big economies of the world are crumbling and gradually sliding into recession. Workers are losing their jobs with majority from the informal(small business) sector.
  Our dearest country Nigeria is not left out in this drama-like event. Over 4000 cases  with over 150 deaths recorded so far. Over 65% of the employed in Nigeria constitute those in the informal sector over 90% of which have lost their means of livelihood. Most of those affected are average or low income earners with families to cater for. Money saved over the months or years by these people are spent to feed and provide essential good and services for their families as the supposed government palliative is yet to reach one-third of those who really need them.

 The lockdown is been eased gradually and we hoped to get back to our daily activities soonest, but what becomes of those  who have lost their jobs and have needs to meet, what becomes the fate of public higher institution students who were unable to pay their school charges before the outbreak of this virus. It is important to note that a good number of those in public higher institution in Nigeria train themselves through school.
They are also drawn from informal sectors - majorly artisans. Some under parental and guardianship responsibilities witnessed the  unfortunate loss of their parents & guardian jobs. The little money in their saving have now been used for family upkeep and other urgent demand.

The pitiable realities we all are experiencing call for a pragmatic actions by all and sundry most especially our government.
We are not oblivious to the fact that the government both at the central and state level is working tirelessly round the clock to ensure that this health crisis is been nipped in the bud, but we must critically take cognizance of the students population who are hopeful that the academic landscape will be fully back again thus, placing some appropriate expectations on the government and the school authority.

I joined forces with other concerned students, students bodies, and other professional  bodies whose firm disposition for this critical period is that Nigeria Students ( Higher Institution Students) should be favorably consider in the Post - Covid19  government resolutions.
This will ease  the very burden on  students, parents and guardians when schools finally resumes. What better palliative  can we get than one year free education.

Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic ( ASUP), College of Education & Monotechnic Staff Union, National Association of Nigeria Students ( NANS), National Association of Universities Students ( NAUS), Students Union Bodies across higher Institution must unify their voices and champion this noble cause.

This is a clamor call to our President, His Execellency President Muhammedu Buhari, The Minister of Education, Dr. Adamu Adamu and all Commissioners of Education in the 36 state of the Federation. 

For our Future to be prosperously secured, Government at both Federal and State level must rise to swiftly meet  the needs in this  Social Services. By this, the ideal of education will be our lots. If on the contrary, school drop out, poor academic performances and social vices will escalate. This we hope not.

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Written By:
Emmanuel Sunday Attah( ImmanuelKant),
300l Department of Economic,
Federal University Lokoja.

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