Top 5 Affliate Marketing Network In 2020

Top 5 Affliate Marketing Network In 2020

If you are professional blogging, you must be super serious about making money, right? 
And when we talk about making money through a blog, we absolutely cannot ignore the importance of affiliate marketing. This tool can convert your traffic into the case. 
However, you should note that if you want to earn big bucks through affiliate marketing, you not only need a good affiliate marketing but also an excellent website that can attract traffic. 
We are here to help you with the top 5 affiliate marketing network for 2020. 
No matter what you feel on your website or blog, you will find an affiliate marketing network tool in this list that will fit your requirements.  Let’s now have a look at the amazing affiliating marketing network that can make you rich in 2020.

1. Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate

If you either promote or sell any physical product or if you review products and want your readers to buy them, then Amazon Affiliate is a must for you. 
Whenever someone buys something from the link that you have provided on your website from Amazon, you will be given a commission on the sale. 
What makes Amazon Affiliate one of the best marketing networks is that even if the person ends up purchasing something else from Amazon, you will be able to earn the commission. The only requirement is that your audience should land the Amazon website through your link. 
One can earn a commission of up to 10% on the products that they sell through Amazon.
Minimum payout: $10


  • A vast number of products are available to sell. 
  • It works o a universal cookie for 24 hours. 


  • Commission rate in few categories is low. For example, the commission rate for video games is 1%
  • You need to register for each country individually.

2. ShareASale

ShareASale Affiliate

ShareASale houses more than 4,500 merchants, and this includes both big and small merchandises. This makes it even better than Amazon when it comes to the product range. 
You can sign up to all the merchants from the dashboard, and this is also where you will be generating the links. The dashboard also comes handy for seeing your statistics. 
Please note that you will have to apply individually to the different merchants. Once you are approved, you will be able to generate the link. 
ShareASale can be used for selling both physical and digital products. 
Minimum payout: $50


  • You can sell both physical and digital products. 
  • Generating custom affiliate links is easy through bookmarklets. 


  • The dashboard is clumsy. 
  • Applying individually for the different merchandise can be tiresome. 

3. CJ (Commission Junction)

Commission Junction [CJ] Affiliate

You might have known CJ as Commission Junction. They have recently re-branded itself. It is similar to ShareASale because, just like the former network, it brings different merchandise under one roof. 
CJ has again and again established as one of the biggest affiliate networks,s which is present out there. Currently, it houses 2,969 merchants. 
Just like ShareASale, you will have to apply to different merchants individually and earn their approval. You can then proceed to create the links. 
Minimum payout: $50 for direct deposits and $100 for the cheque.


  • It houses both small and big merchandise. 
  • The back-end dashboard helps you to manage the affiliate marketing easily. 


  • It will be difficult for the newbies to handle the complicated dashboard. 
  • One needs to apply for different merchandise individually. 

4. Click Bank

Click Bank Affiliate

Even Click Bank supports both physical and digital products. Marketing networks like ShareASale houses large merchants, but Click Bank meets the smaller end of the merchants. 
Sometimes, good things are lost among the big names. Having said, I need to be honest here. The products which are sold through Click Bank aren’t of very great quality. However, things are getting better after they have started reviewing the merchants for the products that they are selling. 
Minimum Payout: $10


  • The commission rate is very high for almost all the products. 
  • It offers a weekly payment. 


  • The products sold here are not of great quality. 
  • It supports generous refund policy, which might not go well with your commission. 

5. Impact

Impact Affiliate

The Impact is one of the most trusted affiliate marketing program present in the market. You will find many great products to promote here. Few of these products are truly different. For instance, you can go ahead to promote shutter stock!
Becoming a publisher here is easy. What makes this program very user-friendly is the fact that it allows you to choose when you want to get paid. It can either be the 1st or 15th of every month. 


  • You can promote almost anything here. 
  • Becoming a publisher on Impact is extremely easy. 


  • Not many products are available here. 
  • One needs to have extremely high traffic to earn a decent amount of money from here. 

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